You Can’t Get Greener Than a Tree

Wood… Always There for the Future

Trees are a sustainable natural resource, providing reliable wood building products for American homes. And even though 97% of homes are framed with wood, the amount of forestland in the United States has been stable for the past century.

Forests represent one of the greatest renewable resources available. Today, our forests are growing more wood than we did fifty years ago.

Wood is the responsible choice. From clean air and water to the wood products we use to build our homes, trees are a part of our daily lives.

Good for the Environment

Wood-framed raised floor systems leave a softer environmental footprint than foundations built with concrete or steel. Compared to wood, both concrete and steel use more resources, emit more pollutants, and require more energy to extract, process, transport, construct and maintain over time. Although wood products make up 47% of all raw materials made in the United States, the share of energy consumed by wood products during their production is only 4% of all manufactured materials

Preserve Your Landscaping

When you install a raised floor system, you can enjoy the beauty of the mature trees that surround your home–and take advantage of the shade they provide in the summertime.

  • With a slab system, your best course of action may be to remove surrounding trees to prevent their roots from cracking the slab.
  • The site work necessary for slabs often results in compaction and root loss that will eventually cause trees to die.
  • The footings for raised floor piers pose minimal damage to root systems.