It’s a Great Time to Build a Raised Floor Home

Frequently Asked Questions About Raised Floor Homes

  • Is it more expensive than a slab home?

    Properly designed, the difference in initial cost between raised floor and slab systems is minimal. It is more than made up by the lower heating and cooling costs, lower flood insurance costs and lower costs of repair for a raised floor system if your home settles.

  • My builder says raised floor isn't as good as slab. Is this true?

    By any standard, raised floor homes surpass slab homes in a number of important qualities. They are more gracefully proportioned than slab homes and offer more design alternatives. They are inherently more flexible to build with fewer possibilities for delay than slab homes. And they are easier to maintain, since you remain high and dry above the ground. And if your site settles, a slab will crack while a raised floor home can be adjusted easily.

  • Can a raised floor home be adapted for wheelchair access?

    Yes, and there are many options for easy access. Universal Design should be factored into the home plans. Universal Design accommodates wheelchair access, such as ramps, widened doorways and halls, and also may include other adaptations such as bathroom fixtures and lowered counters and cabinets.

    Common types of access from ground level into the raised home include wood ramps, earthen landscaping, platform or stair lifts, and for multi-story homes, elevators. Most common is the wood ramp, usually constructed from pressure-treated wood. Wood ramps are economical and easily adaptable either for new construction or an existing home. Wood ramps can be designed to be hidden from the street, or if visible, can be detailed so that they blend attractively into the architectural style of the home.

    When incorporating Universal Design, contact your local building official before construction begins to insure compliance with local codes. Visit the Center for Universal Design for more information and also see their publication Wood Ramp Design.

  • Can I modify a plan designed for a slab foundation?

    Yes. Just about any plan can be modified to accommodate raised floor construction—and most look better as a result. learn more

  • How do I keep pests out?

    There are a number of accepted techniques for keeping pests out of the crawlspace under a raised floor home. Typically, a breathable pest barrier is attached at the bottom edge of the joints to prevent pests from making their home in the insulation and damaging wiring and other systems.